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Our Principles

We create transformational healing retreats in beautiful and sacred places. We've built our programs around the powers of meditation, nature, and compassionate support to bring lasting healing and empowerment to those who join us.


During our spiritual retreats, we teach some of the unique and long-hidden principles of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and breath work. These teachings have brought deep-inner peace and wholeness to individuals and communities for centuries. While our teachings are based in ancient traditions, we are not dogmatic and we do not require any sort of belief outside of the belief in your own basic goodness. Through daily meditation and yoga practice we can begin to clear the way for our true nature to emerge. We believe that in the end, it is we who discover that we have the power to heal ourselves. When we can clear thought patterns that sabotage us, we find that there is long lost strength, love and joy.

Compassionate Support

At El Puente Dorado we meet you where you are. We are a team of therapists, healers and coaches experienced in various modes of therapeutic support. We understand that the healing process is not linear and can be different for everyone. Therefore, we have structured our program to be flexible enough to hold space for the things that come up. Within our schedule we allow space for whatever needs may arise, and support you in the ways that fit the moment. At all times, we offer unconditional positive regard and compassion.


Our most important co-facilitator in the healing process, is our surroundings. We travel to our beautiful destination retreats where we can work with the clearing nature of water and the wildness of the jungle to restore us to our own natural vibrancy. We are of creatures of nature and can achieve our most powerful transformation when we harness our connection to the environment.


Another essential principle of our meditation retreat program is yoga and body work. The muscles and tissues of our bodies are where much of our trauma and grief are stored. When emotional energies are ready to by moved, it is important that we have the chance to move our bodies. For this reason, we offer access to frequent yoga and massage sessions in all of our programs. We work with local practitioners assuring that El Puente Dorado remains an asset to the communities we work in. Including bodywork within our framework is part of what insures success with healing and lasting change.

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