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Our Retreats

What's Included

All of our healing retreats include locally grown and prepared meals, boutique lodging, amazing adventures and excursions, safe and reliable internal transportation within Mexico, soothing yoga, relaxing massage therapy, daily meditation and various spiritual and psychological tools we offer. The only additional expenses are airfare and optional supplemental international health insurance. We also provide your own personal flight booking agent:

Retreat in Akumal, Mexico | Meditation Retreats, Compassionate Support for Healing, Yoga Getaway, Massage, Local Cuisine


Nov 2-11, 2018

This retreat will be held in Akumal, Mexico where our signature- healing program will be centered around the beauty and tradition of this unique region of Mexico. Various aqueous environments are a centerpiece to this program.

Retreat in La Paz, Mexico | Meditation, Compassionate Therapy for Healing, Yoga Retreats, Massage, Local Cuisine, Boutique Resort


Jan 25-Feb 2, 2019

Paz is the word for peace in Spanish. This town on the Baja coast resonates with the kindness and sincerity of the people.  It is located on the Sea of Cortez that Jacques Cousteau once dubbed ‘natures aquarium’. 

Retreat in Valle De Bravo, Mexico | Meditation, Support for Healing, Yoga Destination, Therapeutic Massage, Local Cuisine, Resort Travel



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